January 1, 2017 : Disturbed, “The Sound of Silence”, By Paul Simon. Immortalized. Reprise Records, 2015(Choose Me), 2017
bronze, light-box, 15 x 10 x 8 inches

Deva Graf is versatile in regards to her aesthetic strategies and works in a variety of media: bronze mannerist figures with layered colored patinas, trompe’ l’oeil bronze realism, geometric digital photography, and found object construction.  She maintains a constant tension within a multitude of elements.

Her work engages with issues related to power dynamics and the coercive illusions of commodity culture. Throughout, she moves between manufactured and handmade, narrative and abstract, minimalist and expressionist, material and non-material. 

Of the diverse forms that constitute her body of work, her bronze sculptures are the most directly narrative, while her mirror-scans are the most starkly abstract.  Deva Graf's work is united by the way handmade gestures interrupt manufactured goods and the relationship of mytho-religious narrative to history and popular culture.