Mirror-Scan: Ask Siri What is 0÷0

In the series, Mirror-Scan: Ask Siri What is 0÷0, large black shapes float on white backgrounds. Theses shapes are the images left from the process of making high resolution scans of mirrors. When a mirror is scanned the scanner is not able to see the mirrored surface and it captures instead, the empty space that the mirror occupies. This work is a representation of 0. Nothing. Void. Emptiness.  The viewer is invited to consult Apple’s iPhone built in intelligent assistant Siri, for more information on the subject of 0. 



In Mirror-Scan: Ask Siri What is 0÷0,  “Void”, the philosophical concept of nothing manifested (also interpreted as zero), is here represented as black minimalist space that appears when a mirror is scanned. The scanner cannot detect the mirror and captures an empty footprint of space. Siri, Apple iPhone’s internal assistant offers an explanation this existential Zero.